5am at the volcano

Tuesday, August 19th 2014

I'd started to feel a bit ill on the journey across the island, and whatever it was got suddenly really bad just after we arrived at the campsite. The world started to spin wildly. I was shaking and dizzy as I set up my tent, and I felt like death. Lucky my tent only takes 5 minutes to put up otherwise I might not have managed it. I crawled inside and slept. But I was here to see the volcano, and Thomas said he'd drive me up to the crater at 4am so that I could see it in the night time. So I got up at 3.45am, and fortunately the strange illness was passing and the spinning had slowed down. I was still not feeling good but was at least capable of standing.

So we drove up to the crater, and then Thomas led the way up the path to the crater's edge, and around the rim to a good viewpoint. Then he headed back down and left me alone with the volcano.

It was a mind-blowing place to be. The volcano was unbelievably loud, in the silence of the night, and roared constantly. Within a few minutes there was the first large explosion, and it was breathtaking. The earth shook, the crater roared and glowing boulders shot high into the air.

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