Ulei airport

Saturday, August 23rd 2014

The clouds came back in, and although we waited an hour longer to see if they would clear again, they didn't, so we headed back to the camp. I got up early the next morning to see if it was worth going again, but it wasn't, so we headed back down to the village of Endu.

In the morning I got a truck to Ulei. Normally there are two trucks, but one of them had gone off the road the previous day and was out of action. It happened that there was a large group of tourists needing to get back to the airport, so some 20 people crowded into and onto the truck. Luckily it went slowly on the rough jungle tracks, and for me clinging onto the outside, the risk of actually falling off was low.

At the airport, a BBC documentary crew was arriving on the island, so I guess Marum volcano will be appearing on British television before too long. It was strange to see a TV presenter with a very familiar face here in this wild place on the other side of the planet.

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