Sunday, May 15th 2016

I wanted to go to the Canary Islands for a friend's wedding. I'd left Chile in January and still hadn't settled down anywhere, so with no restrictions on my time I decided to make a journey of it. I flew to Santiago de Compostela to visit my friend Dave there, and then got an overnight bus to Madrid, and a train to Cádiz.

It was a long time since my last trip to La Palma. But back then, after another shit experience with another shit airline, I'd decided that all airlines connecting to the islands were rubbish, and vowed that the next time I came to La Palma, I'd get the boat.

So I headed to Cádiz, for no reason other than that it was a port from where I could leave for La Palma. But it's a beautiful town and it was a beautiful time. The weather was good, I had nothing particular to do except wander around in the sunshine, stopping at cafes when necessary.

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