La Palma boat journey

Thursday, May 19th 2016

And then I fulfilled a long term travel dream. I headed down to the port on a hot Tuesday afternoon, boarded the Albayzín, and headed out to sea on a three day journey to the Canaries.

It's one of the longest ferry journeys you can do. My ticket cost 150 Euros, which just got me a reclining seat to sleep on, but did include all my meals. An actual bed would have been three times the price, which did not seem like value for money to me. So I found a seat and settled in for the journey.

The first day was pure heaven. I'd watched the sun set with the lights of Cadíz still visible behind me, but when it came up again all I could see was ocean. I spent most of the day out on the deck, getting the occasional espresso from the ship's cafe, listening to music in the hot sun and thinking this was a pretty great way to travel.

The second day was not quite so awesome. During the second night we arrived in the islands, docking for an hour at Lanzarote. Then in the morning we arrived at Gran Canaria and spend a few hours there. And in the evening we got to Tenerife and spend a couple of hours there.

The boat had never been particularly busy but the car deck had been full until Lanzarote. After that, it thinned out at every stop, and by La Palma there were just a handful of cars left. I think I was the only foot passenger who'd gone all the way.

The morning was cool and fresh as we arrived at La Palma. It felt weird to walk on dry land again after 68 hours at sea.

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