Flight to Svalbard

Wednesday, July 6th 2016

This trip was a long awaited dream. I'd wanted to visit Svalbard for years, but I'd been living in the wrong hemisphere for quite a while, and when I was last living in Europe I'd never found flights for anything less than an obscene price. But when I got back from Indonesia and was thinking about where to go next, I checked prices on the world's northernmost scheduled route, and found that it was doable.

So I flew from sunny London to sunny Oslo, and had a quick wander into town there as I had a few hours before the next flight. It was sunny when I arrived, at least, but as I passed the parliament building it suddenly began to rain torrentially. This, I thought, was probably good preparation for two weeks in the arctic.

I headed back to the airport, briefly worried I'd caught an express train to Trondheim by mistake. Luckily I hadn't and I got the flight to Longyearbyen.

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