Return to Taipei

Tuesday, October 4th 2016

When I first went to Taipei I'd gone with no expectation of actually liking it. I really didn't know much about it, and my expectation was that it would be unremarkable, maybe like Nanjing which was an OK place to spend a few days but nothing I'd rush back to. But I'd fallen for the place pretty quickly, loved Taipei and loved the little bit of travelling around the country I had time to do. So I was excited to have a chance to come back, and spend a few days working in Taipei on my way to a conference in China. Last time on my way back I'd seen bright aurorae from the plane somewhere over Siberia. This time I saw them again but much fainter, just a vague green glow on the horizon.

The only thing I didn't like about Taiwan was feeling out of my mind with jetlag after crossing 12 time zones to get there. So this time, only crossing eight seemed much less horrific. I arrived late in the evening, met up with a friend for some food at a night market, then managed to get to sleep by about 4am.

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