Ferry to Lerwick

Friday, July 7th 2017

For a long time I'd wanted to make a trip to Shetland, and travel overland to get there. I was curious about what the far north of Britain was like, way up at the same latitude as southern Greenland.

When I felt like a summer weekend away, the travel plans worked out, and on a Thursday evening I got the sleeper train from Euston to Aberdeen. It was busy and I had a really bad seat, knee to knee with another traveller. But luckily there were two seats in the carriage which were reserved but not occupied, and I'm sure I was not the only one who noticed that but I made my move first, and grabbed them shortly after we pulled out of Euston.

London had been hot and humid but it was cool and grey when I arrived in Aberdeen. I spent a few hours there, getting extremely caffeinated to recover from one night journey and prepare for the next. At 6pm I headed for the port and boarded the MV Hjaltland for the 12 hour journey to the Shetland Islands.

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