East China Sea

Sunday, August 27th 2017

The boat journey was fantastic. The day was hot and beautiful and I spent a lot of it out on deck. Hundreds and hundreds of flying fish were leaping out of the water to escape the boat, looking absurd and spectacular as they glided across the waves to safety. When it got too hot outside I could head indoors for some aggressive air conditioning and a cold coffee from the vending machines. I thought for a while I was the only foreigner on board but a couple of stops in, another two appeared, a mother and daughter to ruin my self-image as a fearless adventurous traveller. By sunset they seemed to have disembarked again.

Sunset seemed to last for hours. Epic thunderclouds towered all around, a lot of them showering rain on islands below. It all lit up in wild red and orange, and I wandered around and around the deck taking it all in.

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