I am a photo ambassador for the European Southern Observatory. Many of my astrophotos are available in high resolution from ESO, and are licensed for all use.

Wright's Tower

February 11th 2016

Mountain protest

October 18th 2015

Volcano star trails

October 17th 2015

Urban star trails

September 11th 2015

Milky Way over the caldera

August 10th 2015

Stars and lava

August 10th 2015

Cajón del Maipo moon

May 10th 2015

Milky Way over Roan Jase

May 9th 2015

Geostationary satellites

October 21st 2014

Coffee at Paranal

July 27th 2014

Geostationary satellites

July 26th 2014


July 24th 2014

Galactic Centre

July 1st 2014


July 1st 2014

Galaxies to the south

June 28th 2014

Airglow over the ATs

June 27th 2014

Milky Way panorama

June 27th 2014

Milky Way over Paranal

June 27th 2014

Milky Way and the Zodiacal light

June 27th 2014

Strong airglow at dusk

June 27th 2014

Strong airglow at dusk

June 27th 2014

A bright meteor over Paranal

June 26th 2014

Milky Way rising behind UT4

June 24th 2014

Turn the lights out!

June 23rd 2014

Light pollution at Paranal

June 23rd 2014

Milky Way over the VLTI control room

June 23rd 2014

Familiar stars

June 11th 2014

Trails over the summit

April 27th 2014

Two halves of the sky

April 25th 2014

Celestial equator over the residencia

April 25th 2014

Bright airglow at La Silla

March 20th 2014

La Silla

March 17th 2014

Large Magellanic Cloud

February 27th 2014

Belt of Venus

February 25th 2014

Hubble over UT3

February 10th 2014

Trails over Melipal and Yepun

February 8th 2014

Southern Cross over Yepun and Melipal

February 7th 2014

Laser fire

February 6th 2014

Sunset shapes

February 4th 2014


February 4th 2014

Star trails and geostationary satellites

February 4th 2014

Crescent moon

February 2nd 2014

Green flash

February 2nd 2014

The Galilean moons

January 18th 2014

Moon just after full

January 13th 2014

Star trails over the Residencia

January 11th 2014

Clouds over the ATs

January 9th 2014

Milky Way, Magellanic Clouds and airglow

January 7th 2014

Melipal, Yepun and the VST

December 26th 2013

Christmas at Paranal

December 25th 2013

Orion at twilight

December 25th 2013

Moon and UT4

December 25th 2013

Nova Centauri 2013

December 7th 2013

Bright airglow over the ATs

December 6th 2013

Lights in the sky

November 6th 2013

Venus, Milky Way, airglow and the zodiacal light

November 3rd 2013

UT4 firing

October 31st 2013

Galactic centre

September 23rd 2013

Icing on the cake

April 12th 2010

Still trailing

December 22nd 2009


December 20th 2009

Seeing stars

October 27th 2006


March 29th 2006


August 1st 2003


August 4th 2001

Photo experiment

February 24th 2001

Star trails

February 20th 2001

First night

February 19th 2001

Up above the streets and houses

September 12th 1999

Observatory by night

February 28th 1999

Night skies over Uluru

August 1st 1998