Snowy descent

Sunday, February 16th 2014

The storm passed before night fall. We talked to the other climber, Sixto, who was incredibly well prepared and was carrying enough kit for at least three other people. He even had a hot water bottle with him. He'd climbed El Plomo a few times before. He wore incredibly thick glasses and told us that he was actually virtually blind, with a prescription in the -20s. His retinas were damaged, and any head injury would probably make him lose the last of his vision.

It was cold in the hut. I was warm enough and acclimatised enough to sleep well, but my water bottle was frozen solid when I woke up. We got up at 4am to see if it was worth climbing, but the summit was covered in thick cloud and it didn't look good. We decided to abandon the summit and head down. A lot of snow had fallen and the path was totally covered. If we hadn't had a GPS record of the way we'd come up to follow, we'd have had a hard time finding the right way down.

We stopped at Federación for some lunch then carried on down the valley of the Cepo to Piedra Numerada. Up until now I hadn't felt too tired, but the last leg from Piedra Numerada back to the car at Tres Puntas was horrific. I'd forgotten how much the path had dropped on our way into the valley, and now we had to climb back out. I was exhausted and walked painfully slowly. Getting back to the car was the hardest part of the whole trip.

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