These are all the trips I've been on!

Distant rain Sumburgh Head Evening view over the republic By the lake Trollsteinen La Palma boat journey Cairngorms Sinabung Haarlem Mountain protest Ka Lae Corcovado Sunset at Viña Volcano chasing fail Colonia del Sacramento Tongariro Crossing Dawn eruptions The bridge Brazil v. Mexico Lake Huron Zhuilu Old Trail Boat journey to Isla Navarino Salar de Atacama Tongariki dawn Valle Frances Palacio Real Edinburgh Autumn at Lago Maggiore Via Toronto Drizzle Villavicencio Flight back to Stanley The road to Calama Ice climbing CN Tower City twilight Observatorio del Teide Santiago de Compostela Durban-Corbières Liechtenstein Vienna Journey to Skjervøy Pompidou Down the valley Icing on the cake Tarragona Rammstein Dessication Leuven again Rammstein Exploring Tasiilaq ESAC Willcox Grenoble Leuven Teide Sedlec Toompea Castle views Bobsleigh run Hauptbahnhof Sevilla Belfast Danube Helsingborg Valletta St. Sofia’s Cathedral Parc Güell Vila Nova de Gaia Boat to La Palma Hong Kong Alhambra In the Arctic Seeing stars Museo do Pobo Galego Copenhagen Eclipse El Chaltén Boat jouney to Fugloy Santiago de Compostela Gauja Berlin winter sunset Kaknästornet Flight home Uspensky Cathedral Lübeck Florence Dawn at the Roque Perugia Rundetårn Four Courts Amsterdam Brussels Ljubljana Gothenburg Guinness factory Fortress Across Mongolia Down the fjords Great Ocean Road Roque Bringing in the catch Photo experiment Best sunrise ever seen Munich to Paris Back at the lake Observatory by night Flight over Uluru Cable car to Montagnola