Beijing to London 2002

...A train journey across half the planet

27 June The easy way

The easy way

30 June Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square

5 July University


6 July Great Wall: Simatai

Great Wall: Simatai

10 July Qinhuangdao


13 July Summer palace

Summer palace

14 July CCTV Tower

CCTV Tower

20 July Old Summer Palace

Old Summer Palace

21 July Tiantan Park

Tiantan Park

27 July Mao


29 July Tiananmen Square again

Tiananmen Square again

1 August Great Wall: Huanghua

Great Wall: Huanghua

4 August Fragrant Hills

Fragrant Hills

6 August Last day

Last day

7 August Out of China

Out of China

8 August Across Mongolia

Across Mongolia

9 August Around Baikal

Around Baikal

10 August Through the steppes

Through the steppes

11 August Over the Urals

Over the Urals

12 August Into Moscow

Into Moscow

14 August Red Square

Red Square

15 August Lenin


15 August VDNKh


16 August Metro tour

Metro tour

18 August Through Belarus

Through Belarus

19 August Warsaw


21 August East side gallery

East side gallery

21 August Reichstag


23 August Paris


24 August Home shores

Home shores

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