These maps were generated by the very fantastic Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz - according to which I've covered 560,396 miles on planes during my travels so far. That's roughly the same as 23 times around the Earth, or 2.3 times the average distance from the Earth to the Moon. Hover over the maps to see the names of the cities.

The longest flight I've done is Paris to Santiago, at 7241 miles. Shortest was a 13 mile hop from Fox Bay to Port Edgar during a roundabout journey from Bleaker Island to Stanley in the Falkland Islands, closely followed by a short but incredible 15 mile helicopter journey from Kulusuk to Ammassalik in Greenland.


All 368 flights so far:


A clearer view of 173 European flights


Here are some photos I've taken from planes during my travels:

St. Petersburg

October 17th 2016

Return to Taipei

October 4th 2016

Flight to Svalbard

July 6th 2016

Back to Europe

March 10th 2016

Thunderstorms over Nicaragua

August 17th 2015

Across the Andes

July 26th 2015

The jungles of Ambrym

August 21st 2014

Approaching Efate

August 20th 2014

Over Antarctica

August 6th 2014

Arctic night

December 1st 2013

Over Siberia

November 15th 2013

Transglobal journey

November 15th 2013

Flight back to the mainland

October 14th 2013

Cape Horn

October 12th 2013

En route to Europe again

December 7th 2012

Over Switzerland

November 4th 2012

Re-return to London

October 30th 2012

Flight back to Stanley

May 4th 2012

Flight to Saunders Island

April 24th 2012

Time for a holiday

April 21st 2012

La Silla alternative view

January 6th 2010


June 26th 2009

Arctic nostalgia tour

June 26th 2009

Flight to Chicago

March 18th 2009

Flight home

December 12th 2003

Flight home

November 17th 2002

Quite high

September 13th 1999

Journey to Zafferana

January 29th 1998