North-eastern islands

Saturday, July 9th 2005

I headed over to Borðoy and the Faroes' second-largest town, Klaksvík. The journey involved getting the ferry from Leirvík to Klaksvík, which has been described as 'one of the loveliest half-hour ferry rides anywhere', and it was pretty impressive. A new road tunnel replaced the ferry route a few months after I was there.

In Klaksvík I camped about a mile out of town. After I'd set up camp I walked into town to get some fuel for my stove. After I'd walked back out, I realised I didn't have a lighter, so I walked back in again. After I'd walked four miles and was ravenously hungry, I found that the fuel pump on my stove had stopped working. Luckily, another traveller, Doug from Alaska had just arrived at the campground and lent me his stove.

After a misty day, 11pm saw the sun come out. It was surreal for it to be so bright, so late at night. Throughout my time in the Faroes, it never got dark, and I hardly slept.

While I was in Klaksvík I met two Norwegians who were driving around the place and invited me to join them. We drove to a few of the other nearby islands the next day. In these parts the villages were tiny, and in some cases they've been abandoned.

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