High Peak

Tuesday, July 17th 2018

I found the High Peak trail. There were two options, a few hundred metres direct to the summit, or a couple of kilometres looping around it to come up from the other side. It was after 5pm, and I thought I should probably be sure of getting back to the car before sunset. So I went up the short trail.

It was very disappointingly short. Within five minutes I was on the peak. I could see where the longer path went, and I was sure I could do it and be back at the car easily before it got dark. So I set off.

But, thick clouds were coming up the valley. Shortly after I left the peak, they were upon me, and they were worse than they looked, bringing heavy rain and winds. A half hour walk in that didn't look like so much fun, so I went back up to the peak and down the way I'd come.

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